Never Have To Chase A Lead Again 🤩

Save Hours & Reduce Stress Each Week Chasing Leads with Dorothy, Your Dedicated Lead Chaser & Booking Bot

Save Hours & Reduce Stress Each Week Chasing Leads with Dorothy, Your Dedicated Lead Chaser & Booking Bot


Immediately Follow Up With All Your Leads Without Lifting A Finger

Grow Your Business

When you respond in 5 minutes or less, you are 100x more likely to make initial contact with a lead. Imagine what all those customers could do for your fitness business

Power Up With Dorothy

If you were thinking about hiring a receptionist, you won’t need one. All you need is to plug in Dorothy, and she immediately begins doing the heavy lifting for you

Drive More Sales

FACT: 78% of Customers buy from the business that responds FIRST. Waiting too long means that your prospect has probably already moved on, and you lost out on a sale.

Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All 👇

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

Unlock your AI potential

Get Predictable Results

Unlike hiring a receptionist or paying a full-time employee, our bot generates predictable results, void of human error

Get Time Back

Stop wasting time on tedious, repetitive tasks, and feel confident that your customers are being taken care of 24/7.

Constant Improvement

Your AI Bot will only get smarter and more effective the more it interacts with leads. That means you're always getting better

Speed to Lead

Skyrocket your business' speed to lead and ensure that every customer who wants to talk is followed up with right away

Rapid Response

With our human rollover activated, every reply is reviewed in less than 1 minute and responded to immediately

Backed By Humans

If your bot gets confused or doesn't know how to respond, the conversation will rollover to one of our expert chat agents

Never Fail To Get Back To Prospects On Text, WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram Messages, Plus Emails, with Dorothy for LeadDec 👾

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is your response time?

Our speed to lead service responds to your leads immediately.

Will it book the appointments to my calendar?

Yes, appointments will be automatically booked and synced to your sales calendar so that you will book more calls and make more sales.

Can the service ask questions to qualify leads?

Yes, we are able to walk through any sort of qualifying flow to make sure your reps have the most information possible before they get on a call with a lead.

What happens if the bot fails?

In any situation where we aren’t able to respond an alert will be sent directly to your team to be able to hop in and continue the conversation.

Can I customize the language?

Our entire service is customizable so you can always give direct feedback to change the wording or the flow.

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

"Everything In One Place & How Simple It Is To Use Was A Big Bonus"

" I would 100% Recommend LeadDec , It's Like Having A Virtual PA"

" I Love All The Automations , I Am Training My Clients & It's All Running In The Background"

" It's All In One Place , Makes Your Life So Much Easier, It's Time Efficient"

“I’ve noticed turnover increase considerably, we’re up 25% from the previous year” 👾

“LeadDec means I will never miss a lead again for my online fitness business” 👾

“LeadDec Is An Absolute Game Changer & On Of The Best Investments I Have Made In My Fitness Business” 👾

LeadDec Is My Favourite Piece of Software As Everything Is All In One Place 👾

“Everything Is In One Place, We Know Who To Get In Contact With” 👾

“It's Been Revolutionary for My Fitness Business & The Support Is Second To None” 👾

"I've been able to streamline all of my digital marketing efforts, from Facebook ads to text messages & more" 👾

“It Make My Life Much Easier & The Cost Saving Also Helps” 👾

Ash Burleigh, founder PTDNinja & Online Personal Training Certification

🗣️ LeadDec has been a game-changer & transformed our business by consolidating all our systems, automating tasks, and providing excellent support. If you are looking for a software solution that can help you improve your business operations, I highly recommend LeadDec.

LeadDec - The One Software To Replace Them All, Saving You Both Money & Time In The Process

Got Questions?

That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT - it shows you genuinely care about your results.

If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:

Is There A Minimum Joining Period?

No, there isn’t. 

If in the unlikely event you don’t love LeadDec, you can cancel within the first 14-days.

However, if you don’t cancel within the 14-days, you’ll be charged monthly until you decide you want to cancel

If at any time you want to cancel, just send an email to [email protected]

Will LeadDec save you money?


Because all the lead-gen software you’ll ever need is bundled up into one ready to go, and affordable app so you don’t have to pay out monthly for 5, 6, or 7 different marketing software.

As one happy user put it - “Time saver and a money maker should be its slogan” 

Does LeadDec make the sale for me?

Not quite… but we’ve done everything to make selling as easy as possible.

How? The software and automations disqualify ‘tyre-kickers.’ That way, you'll not speak to anyone who genuinely isn't interested in your services.

Once you jump on the phone, there should be NO need to qualify a lead

Which makes talking to prospects fun, enjoyable, and profitable because it only brings you good-fitting clients for your business.

I’m a technophobe. Is LeadDec easy to manage?


I know many FitPros don’t want to live in their business and be bogged down by chasing leads, booking leads in and using ads manager.  

That’s why I’ve designed LeadDec to be as tech-friendly as possible!

What kind of results can I expect with Fit Pro Portal?

Most of our members can expect to generate between 5 and 15 leads for their business per day.

But obviously, as much as I’d love to give you an exact figure, the answer is - it depends.

But if you follow the system closely, apply yourself, and aren't afraid of a little hard graft, 5 new (perfect-fit) leads per day would be the worst result you could expect.

Who Is The FitPro Portal For?

If you need a consistent flow of leads, including templates, downloads & support, or a way to take your business past £10k months, then this is the place for you.

What if I have any questions? Is there support?


This isn't just an online course where you're given training and then left to your own devices.

We have a dedicated support group to help out that's updated daily.

Plus, should you get stuck, simply email me at any time, and I'll ensure you know exactly what you're doing.

Cancel Anytime, Access To 24/7 Support & Most of All

Proudly trusted by 100+ Studios, Gyms & FitPros from all over the world

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